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Gran Fondo World Series UCI


51st edition of the Granfondo Matildica Merida





Registrations are open


Download the complete regulation REGULATION



The event is open to all F.C.I. members and sports promotion bodies that have signed the agreement with the F.C.I. for the year 2023 and to members of bodies that present the Bike Card together with the card of their body, in possession of sports medical fitness for competitive cycling and foreign cyclists in possession of the UCI license valid for the year 2023 issued by their federation.

The event is also open to all non-members for whom a daily F.C.I. card will be activated at a cost of €10.00 for insurance coverage during the event. For the issuance of the day pass, a competitive sports medical certificate (certificate for cycling) must be presented regardless of the route chosen. The medical certificate must not be more than one year prior to the date of the event in which you intend to participate.

Athletes 19 years of age (calendar age) and older may participate in the event. Athletes in the JMT and JWS categories, i.e., athletes aged 17 and 18 (calendar age) may only participate in the middle-distance course according to waiver SAN

Minors must submit the "Minor Release Form," which can be found on the event website, signed by a parent or guardian. Cyclists who are not properly registered will not be allowed to join the groups, under penalty of immediate ouster. In case of procured injury or accident caused to one or more duly registered athletes will be reported according to law.

The event is by invitation, so the Organizing Committee may at any time and at its sole discretion decide whether or not to accept an entry, or exclude an entrant from the event in case it may damage the image of the event.

All participants are aware of the various risks to their physical safety and knowingly assume responsibility for participating in the race at their own risk. Under all circumstances, cyclists must devote their full attention to road conditions.

The event applies the 2023 FCI implementation rules for amateur cycling activities. Recalling the UCI and FCI Regulations, the race jury, with the technical support of the organization, is authorized to carry out random or systematic checks. Non-compliance or refusal to undergo the required technical checks will result in immediate disqualification and reporting to the relevant bodies.

Participation is subject to regular possession of the following requirement:

- for athletes registered with the FCI or Sports Promotion Organization: certificate of fitness for competitive cycling (certificates for other types of sports such as triathlon, duathlon, athletics, etc. are not valid);

- for subjects of Italian residence but not registered with the FCI or Sports Promotion Bodies: certificate of fitness`  for competitive cycling ex D.M. 18/02/82;

- for individuals of foreign residence: certificate of fitness to participate in competitive cycling
races also issued by a doctor in their country of residence - as per the downloadable template (or equivalent);

Possession of sports card can be understood as an alternative to verification of possession of regular and adequate certificate only in the case of sports card bearing the Data Health logo along with the expiration date of the certificate of fitness for competitive cycling.
Verification by competition judges of the proper possession of appropriate certificate by participants in the competition may be done in the following ways:
- verification of FCI card with relevant DataHealth logo and race-compatible expiration date;
- verification by QRcode-DH, if any;
- verification by direct viewing of the physical copy of the certificate provided for the tender.


Visit the section dedicated to entries on the Gran Fondo Matildica website: www,

Online registration

In order to be detected and classified, the athlete must have his own ChampionChip© chip. When collecting the race pack, those who do not have their own chip can buy it at a cost of € 20 or rent it at a cost of € 5 by paying a deposit of € 10. At the end of the event, the rented chip must be returned: deliver the chip to the registration staff who will be available in the finish area. Registration implies full acceptance of these regulations.

Failure to use or incorrect use of the chip will result in non-inclusion in the ranking and non- attribution of the time spent.


The Granfondo Matildica / UCI GRANFONDO WORLD SERIES 2023 is open to all amateur cyclists (from 19 to 75+ years old).


Men and women 19-34

Masters men and women 35-39

Masters men and women 40-44

Masters men and women 45-49



Men and women Masters 50-54

Masters men and women 55-59

Masters men and women 60-64

Masters men and women 65-69

Masters men and women 70-74

Masters men and women 75+


The participation fee includes: commemorative gadget of the event, race number, mechanical assistance along the course (excluding spare parts), supplies, health assistance during the race, gifts, recovery in case of abandonment, water refreshment upon arrival, pasta party , shower, post-race massage service.
The participation fee is non-reducible and non-refundable. The cost of registering for the event is:

€ 45 from 9 January 2023 to 12 February 2023
€ 55 from 13 February 2023 to 15 April 2023
€ 65 from 16 April 2023 to 25 August 2023

On-site registration on 26 August from 9.00 to 19.30: € 70.00.
There is a reduced fee for "non-competitors" of €15 until March 31st and €20 from April 1st for those who register online on the ENDU portal at until 12.00 on Friday 25 August, and €25 for those who register on site on Saturday 26 August and Sunday 27 August. The discounted rate does not include the promotional gadget of the event.


Grid n.1 Women (all categories)

UCI Grid No. 2 by age category

Green grid reserved for "non-competitors" and ebikes.

ATTENTION: those who do not have the measurements on the starting mats and on the course will be excluded from the rankings. The organization will immediately disqualify those who will be caught skipping the grid they belong to and those who will find themselves in a grid that does not correspond to their number without having been authorized by the organization. The organization reserves the right to make changes to the grids at any time at its sole discretion and in agreement with the UCI.


The bib collection and the delivery of the race packs will take place as established in the program published on the website


Timing will be carried out by an Official Timer MySDAM with technology based on the use of "chips". In order to be detected and classified, the athlete must have his own ChampionChip© chip as specified in the REGISTRATION section of these regulations.


Arrival in Reggio Emilia in Piazza della Vittoria within 7.30 hours of the official departure; those arriving after 2.30 pm will not be included in the classification.


The first 3 absolute male and female finishers in the two courses will be awarded
the first 3 athletes of each category;
the 5 cycling clubs with the highest number of starters.

The awards will take place at the Bike Village.

“MICHELE SCARPONI CLIMB” (GPM – Cavandola-Canossa climb): the first 3 classified non- Italian men, the first 3 classified non-Italian women, who will pass the GPM first, will be awarded.

Please note: for those belonging to the JMT and JWS categories, inclusion in the rankings as per the categories mentioned above is not foreseen.

Any complaints must be received by the jury within the regulatory terms accompanied by the fee established on the basis of the regulations of the sports institution.

The results will be exhibited in Piazza della Vittoria - Reggio Emilia in the immediate vicinity of the "Punto SDAM". The rankings will subsequently be published on the website . After crossing the finish line, the participants must go to the SDAM checkpoint to return the previously rented Chip.


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