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Cooperatori alongside Nondasola Onlus

Cooperatori alongside Nondasola Onlus


Friday 18 March 2022


The Cooperatori sided with Nondasola Onlus Reggio Emilia, a reference association that has been fighting male violence against women since 1995, for a charity initiative aimed at anyone who registers for the Granfondo Matildica by 31 March. The sports club, which organises the race, which will celebrate its 50th edition on 17 July by hosting the European Uec ’granfondo’ and ’mediofondo’ championships, has established ’Women’s Month’ in memory of the recent International Women’s Rights Day celebrated on 8 March.


All enthusiasts will be able to contribute to the initiative: for anyone who registers for the Granfondo Matildica by 31 March (the fixed fee is currently €55), Cooperatori will automatically donate a percentage to Nondasola, to help all the women who ask for help from the association’s Anti-Violence Centre.


"I find it particularly significant and appreciable that a sports club pays attention to such an ’uncomfortable’ topic as male violence against women," said Silvia Iotti, president of the non-profit organisation founded in 1995. "Iotti continues: "Moreover, bringing together the image of women in a ’traditionally male’ sport such as cycling contributes to deconstructing a stereotyped collective image. Also because pioneers such as Alfonsina Strada (the first woman to compete in the Giro d’Italia in 1924), or current figures such as Elisa Longo Borghini (eight-time Italian champion) tell us that it is possible to practise any sport, even at the highest levels, without renouncing one’s femininity.


We would like to remind you that registration is available on the Granfondo Matildica website ( or directly on the portal.


The registration fee includes number and race package, mechanical assistance on the two routes available (excluding spare parts), supplies, medical assistance during the race, gifts, recovery in case of abandonment. There will also be full refreshments at the finish, a pasta party and a post-race massage service. All information on the routes can be found in the ’granfondo’ and ’mediofondo’ categories on our website.


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