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The agreement with Merida Italia brings Sonny Colbrelli to Granfondo Matildica

The agreement with Merida Italia brings Sonny Colbrelli to Granfondo Matildica


Friday 14 July 2023



Presented to the media at the headquarters of Merida Italy in Reggio Emilia the limited edition of the bike that recalls the three successes of the golden season in which the cyclist from Brescia conquered, in four months, tricolor jersey, European championship and the legendary Roubaix. A bike “drawn” in 71 pieces, like the backbone he wore on 3 October 2021 at Paris Roubaix.
Following, Sonny was the protagonist of a ride on the "Giannetto Cimurri" Merida starting track surrounded by children of the ASD Cooperatori.

A bike that is the summary of a magical year, 2021, in which Sonny Colbrelli won first the tricolor jersey, then the European Road Championship and, at the end of a season that could already end with maximum satisfaction, the epic autumn victory at Paris Roubaix.
And it is to celebrate this extraordinary triptych of successes that Merida Italy wanted to set up for the champion of Brescia a road bike that embodies the essence of the magical 2021.
A Reacto chassis entirely chrome mirrored to “reflect” the qualities of Sonny, with a bright color like the sprinter of the cyclist from Brescia, where the Italian tricolor appears in the middle of the main tube, to recall the victory in the national championship held in Imola: “This victory pays me back for all the defeats of the past” was the comment of Sonny in the after race, not knowing that the satisfaction would come much more important.
In fact, the bite of the Cobra concedes the encore in the Continental Championship when in an imperial sprint through the streets of Trento he beats the escape companions with the definitive consecration after a career often rich in second places. To commemorate this success, the three stripes of blue, blue and sky of the European Champion jersey drawn on the fork.


And when the season could be closed with satisfaction, here comes the incredible victory at the velodrome of Roubaix to crown the cyclist who in the group believed in it more than the others, despite the puncture of the rear wheel. Jonny Mole, the designer friend of Sonny who stylized the bike of the Brescia champion, chose to place the stylized pavé on the center tube with the date of that memorable day: 3.10.21 that Sonny will surely never forget. But there is another number that is the protagonist of this story, and it is 71, that is the backbone that Colbrelli wore in Paris Roubaix, which coincides with the number of pieces in which the Merida Reacto will be produced: an exclusive limited edition, numbered like a precious lithograph, destined for true lovers of road cycling.
"I am very proud of this bike, because it is the synthesis of an extraordinary season where the successes achieved rewarded my perseverance in wanting to win because I knew I could win" commented Sonny Colbrelli in the press conference of presentation today at the headquarters of Merida Italy in Reggio Emilia.
After the launch on the media and social channels, many requests came also from abroad “but at the moment we would like to give priority to the Italian market – commented Paolo Fornaciari, head of Merida Italy – aware that the value of Colbrelli has transcended national borders, and this is really a merit for the initiative we are launching”.


The presentation to the press was also the opportunity to officialize the branding agreement of the "Giannetto Cimurri" Merida starting track in Reggio Emilia with a pedaling organized by the ASD Cooperatori where Colbrelli shared many laps of the track with the future champions of the local cycling school.
“A lot of time has passed since 2001 when with friends, champions, authorities and many enthusiasts we inaugurated the starting track for cycling named after my father – commented Giorgio Cimurri, son of Giannetto Cimurri – a dream come true for a historical figure of Italian cycling: friend and masseur of Fausto Coppi and the national cycling team, Giannetto could boast a curriculum with participation in 40 editions of the Giro d’Italia, 8 Olympics and 74 World Championships, just to mention a few.’


The partnership with the association ASD Cooperatori extends until the title of the Granfondo Matildica Merida 2023 which will be held on 27 August with departure and arrival in Piazza della Vittoria in Reggio Emilia.

"Thank you to Merida Italia for the collaboration that has been established in these months and that we hope can continue for a long time: the branding of the track and the title of the Granfondo Matildica Merida 2023, culminating in the realization of the celebratory jersey, with the memory of our president and also of Dario Acquaroli, is for us a great reason of pride - commented Roberto Camorani, the head of ASD Cooperatori - during the days of the Matildica, we will set up Piazza della Vittoria with many activities, in order to involve all the participants Citizenship’.



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