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The thanks of Granfondo Matildica

The thanks of Granfondo Matildica


Tuesday 05 September 2023


Recently, the spotlight has gone out on the 51st Granfondo Matildica Merida, an event that has populated and animated Piazza della Vittoria, indeed, the whole city of Reggio Emilia, bringing from all over Italy, from all over Europe and from overseas more than 1200 people, escorts and cyclists who have had the opportunity to get to know our beautiful city. These days we are receiving many compliments and certificates of esteem for the organization of the event, an event that is the whole work of many people who collaborate a whole year to get to this moment and of which Saturday and Sunday in the square and on the street is the final result.

First of all, we would like to thank the authorities and bodies that have supported us on this journey. Thanks also to Fondazione Scarponi and NonDaSola, associations that are close to us and that we have decided to support for a couple of years.

Thanks also to all the sponsors, without whom all this would not have been possible. Special thanks to Merida Italia, title sponsor of the event, to Sigma Realco sponsor and supplier of all refreshments located on the course and pasta party, to Cantina Santa Croce, to Alè cycling sponsor and again thanks to Iren, Caseificio Villa Curta, DMT, Foodness, Why Sport, Schiatti Class, Autostile, Auto Zatti, Fortlan-dibi, Fattoria Italia, Reggio Delizie, la Fojeda, Alai, Parmigiano Reggiano, Grissin Bon, Gruppo Spaggiari, Electric World, Servizi di Sicurezza Italia, and WD-40.

We thank those who took care of the safety of the participants, our priority, from the Police Station to all the police who supervised the route and to all the volunteers deployed on the track, in the square, in the restaurants and who worked in the days leading up to the event. To thank them we want to name them all: A.N.A. Castelnovo ne’ Monti, A.N.A. Casina, A.N.A Vezzano sul Crostolo, A.N.C. Bologna, A.N.C. Quattro Castella, A.S.A. cycling group Fausto Coppi Cesenatico, Association of Flag Wavers and Musicians of Contrada Monticelli, Auser di Reggio Emilia, A.V.I.S. Reggio Emilia, Voluntary Civil Protection Association Forlimpopoli Val Grassi, Gruppo scout Poviglio, Gruppo scout Reggio Emilia, Gruppo scout Sassuolo, Gruppo volunteers Città del Tricolore, Guardie ecologiche Reggio Emilia, Polisportiva Terre Matildiche, Università del Pedale di Castelnovo ne’ Monti, Volunteers associations of the town of Viano, Volunteers associations of the town of Canossa, Volunteers associations of the town of Casina, Volunteers associations of the town of Castelnovo ne’ Monti, Volunteers associations of the town of Quattro Castella. A warm thanks also to Enrico Zini for the active cooperation and to his group of volunteers.

Finally, we would like to thank Marco Scarponi, Davide Cassani, Jury Chechi, Max Lelli and Eughert Zupa for speaking at the talk show and for having ennobled our event with their active and prestigious participation.

Thanks to all participants for making this 51st edition special. We look forward to seeing you on 23 June 2024 for the next edition of Matildica!

Roberto Camorani
President ASD Cooperatori


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